• Breaking Down the Costs of Transmission Services

    Breaking Down the Costs of Transmission Services

    For people who haven’t gotten their transmissions repaired or replaced in the past, dealing with transmission problems can lead to some initial sticker shock. In reality, repairing, rebuilding, or replacing transmissions is very intricate work that requires a range of specialty equipment and training as well as lengthy labor hours. To ensure that you are getting value for your dollar and quality work, choose a repair shop with transmission specialists in Silver Spring , such as Superior Transmissions. Here is a closer look at the some of the costs involved in transmission repair.


    The parts used in modern transmissions are very complex and are built using expensive materials, so that they can be lighter while handling more torque than older cars. Depending on the make and model of the car, intricate computer components may also be used in the transmission. There are also large quantities of pieces that are used in transmissions, which further increases the costs. The price of each component reflects its complexity, and if you are getting an entirely new transmission, the cost will reflect both the complex nature of the system as well as the time spent manufacturing it.


    The labor costs of your transmission repair or replacement will vary depending on the kind of car you have and the kind of service you need. However, there are few jobs that can be done quickly with transmissions. Even if certain components of your transmission are ultimately found to be functioning properly, it can take hours to test them. It is important for your transmission repair shop to do this kind of thorough testing, because transmissions are such valuable components. Failing to test the parts could lead you to invest money in repairing a transmission that ultimately does not have much life left in it. Although the labor costs of repairing or replacing a transmission may be slightly higher when you work with a transmission specialist, having these services done by an expert can save you money on future repairs caused by incomplete or inadequate work.

  • What Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Transmission

    What Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Transmission

    Could your car be having transmission problems ? The signs of a transmission issue are not always as clear as other kinds of car problems you may have. One way to determine if your transmission needs attention is to let your nose be your guide. Certain smells can indicate that your car needs to be evaluated in a transmission repair shop in Rockville, MD.

    Transmission fluid can have a sweet smell when it leaks out of your car. If you notice a maple smell as your approach your vehicle, leaked transmission fluid may be the cause. On the other hand, if your transmission fluid is not leaking but rather overheating, you may experience a burning smell. The smell may occur while you are driving, or you may notice it outside of your car after you turn it off. Both of these issues indicate that a transmission specialist should check out your car to see if you need any repairs.

  • Avoid These Automatic Transmission Mistakes

    Avoid These Automatic Transmission Mistakes

    Although it’s not always possible to avoid transmission problems, the way you drive can have a big impact on the longevity of your system. If you need transmission repairs in Silver Spring, MD, choose a transmission specialist to get the job done. To reduce the risk of issues in automatic transmissions, watch this video to find out what mistakes you should avoid.

    One mistake to avoid is putting your car in neutral to coast down a hill, as it takes away some of your control. When you change from reverse to drive, be sure to come to a complete stop. This forces your brakes to stop the car, rather than your transmission, so that you don’t put excessive strain on the system. Follow these steps to make sure your transmission stays in good condition for as long as possible.

  • Top Ways to Destroy Your Transmission

    Top Ways to Destroy Your Transmission

    Transmission problems in Silver Spring, MD don’t happen out of anywhere, and they often spring up due to certain driving habits. You can’t expect your transmission to last if you never go in for a tune up and you abuse your vehicle in the way you drive. If your vehicle overheats, you don’t change your fluids, or you drive erratically, you can’t expect your transmission to last for as long as it normally would. Read ahead and take a closer look at some of the top ways to destroy your transmission.


    It’s best to wait until your engine warms up before you get going on a cold winter morning, but too much heat is bad for your vehicle as well. You never want to work your vehicle so hard that it overheats, so think about the way you drive as well as how frequently you service your car or truck. If your transmission runs hot, take your vehicle to the transmission shop and find out what’s going wrong before it burns out.

    Don’t Change Your Fluids

    One reason we use transmission fluid is to cool down the transmission itself. Clean and fresh fluid helps you avoid transmission problems by lubricating the system and reducing the amount of friction and heat that it creates. By checking your transmission fluid on a regular basis and changing it when you need to, you can avoid a host of transmission problems in the future. Healthy transmission fluid is typically a bright red hue, and it will start to turn darker and brown when it ages or becomes contaminated. Check your transmission fluid and make sure you’re not running on old, dirty fluid if you want to make your transmission last.

    Drive Erratically

    Your driving style plays an important role in the longevity of your transmission’s life. If you’re the type of driver that races from light to light, you can’t expect your transmission to last as long as it should. Try to ease into your movements rather than accelerating or braking too much too quickly.

  • Why It Makes Sense to Choose Transmission Experts for Transmission Repair

    Why It Makes Sense to Choose Transmission Experts for Transmission Repair

    You want to do everything you can to protect your investments, but sometimes you need to leave the heavy lifting up to the professionals. If you’re having transmission problems in Bethesda, MD, then you should head to the transmission repair shop rather than try to fix the issue yourself. The specialists have years of experience under their belts, and they can figure out and fix what’s wrong with your vehicle without any trial and error. Continue reading and see why it makes sense to choose transmission experts for transmission repair.

    Recognizing a problem to be fixed and getting it fixed right are two very different things. Just like you wouldn’t operate on yourself, you shouldn’t attempt to repair transmission problems without the help of a professional. Trying to tackle a problem you’re not suited to take on will often just make the problem worse in the end, so you’ll still have to visit the transmission repair shop anyway. The difference is that the issue could have already developed at this point, making for a more expensive repair. It’s best to go to the professionals in the first place when you suspect there’s a problem with your transmission.