• Driving Habits That Can Destroy Your Transmission

    When you first learn to drive, you will be taught driving habits that will help to keep transmission problems at bay. Over the course of many years of driving, however, it can become tempting to take shortcuts behind the wheel. When you bring your car in for transmission repair in Bethesda, your transmission specialist can answer your questions about which driving techniques may be harming your transmission. To help you prevent transmission issues, read on to look at some driving habits that can destroy your transmission. car - transmission

    Neglecting the Parking Brake

    While drivers of manual transmissions nearly always use their parking breaks, many drivers with automatic cars often neglect this essential device. When you engage your parking brake after parking your car, you will help to take pressure off of your vehicle’s output shaft. In the event that your car shifts slightly while it is parked, the parking brake will help to prevent the transmission from becoming seriously damaged.

    Shifting Before Your Car Has Stopped

    Your automatic transmission needs to come to a full stop before you move the shift selector from one of the drive functions into park. If you switch between reverse, park, and drive too quickly, you run the risk of grinding your gears and causing serious damage to your car’s transmission. To protect your transmission from harm, get in the habit of slowing down your shifts and waiting for your car to come to a complete stop, before you select a new drive mode.

    Using Downshifting to Slow Your Vehicle

    If you grew up driving manual transmission vehicles, you may have learned about the technique of downshifting to slow down on a hill. While downshifting can be a helpful technique when you drive a manual transmission vehicle, this practice might cause devastating damage to your automatic transmission. Rather than forcing your automatic transmission into a slower gear to reduce your speed of travel, you can safely slow down by gently tapping on the brakes.

  • Stopping Easily with a Manual Transmission

    When you drive a car that contains a manual transmission , you will have complete control over your vehicle’s shifting in gears. This video from Vehicle Virginia explains how to easily stop your manual car. To stop easily, you can either downshift match your revolutions or coast in neutral. If you are experiencing transmission problems in Rockville, your transmission mechanic can restore your manual transmission to peak condition.

    In order to make sure that your transmission problems are fixed correctly, always bring your car to a shop that specializes in auto transmission repair. By bringing your car to a team of expert mechanics, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your transmission is ready for all of your driving adventures.

  • The Role of Your Car’s Transmission

    The transmission is among the most critical components of any vehicle. Whether you drive a car that contains a manual or automatic transmission, your transmission is designed to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. By matching the output of the engine to changing driving conditions, the transmission also prevents your vehicle from stalling out on the road. Using CV joints, a transmission is able to send the power that is created by the generator directly to the drive wheels of the car. A transmission shop in Silver Spring can help to keep your transmission up and running for many miles down the road.

    When you start to notice that your car has a slipping transmission, it may be time to visit your transmission specialist. Using specific tools and equipment, your team of transmission service experts will be able to fully repair the sophisticated components that are located within your car’s transmission system.

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  • Do You Make These Common Car Owner Mistakes?

    To avoid the need for major transmission repair and other maintenance procedures, it is important to avoid some common driving mistakes. When you watch this video, you will learn about some typical car owners’ mistakes that could be hurting the quality and condition of your vehicle. By taking the time to warm up your car and using the correct grade of gasoline, you can keep your vehicle in terrific driving condition. A company that offers transmission repair near Silver Spring can help your car last for many miles on the road.

    If you need quality transmission services, bring your vehicle to a shop that specializes in transmission repair. A transmission specialist will know how to diagnose issues in your car’s transmission system, and he can also advise you about any driving habits that may be causing premature wear and tear to your transmission.