• Reasons Why You Might Need Automatic Transmission Repair

    While you may not bring your car in to the transmission shop as often as you bring it to your general mechanic, there will typically come a time when your transmission needs attention from a trained professional. A transmission specialist near Rockville will be able to get your transmission up and running again in no time. Whether you have a slipping transmission , or are in need of a simple fluid flush, your transmission mechanic will be there to help you. Read on for an overview of three reasons why you may find yourself needing automatic transmission repair. transmission - repair

    Poor Responsiveness

    A transmission that is functioning properly should get your car into gear, without hesitation, clunking, or lagging. If you are getting the sense that your transmission has poor responsiveness when you step on the gas pedal, you will want to schedule a repair appointment. With proper transmission repair, you can return your transmission to peak responsiveness and efficiency.

    Strange Clunks or Whines

    Ideally, you want your transmission to remain nearly silent as it moves between different gear ratios. After you start to hear your transmission make unmistakable clanks or whining sounds, you could be facing a major transmission repair problem. In order to help pinpoint the issue, your transmission mechanic will typically ask you to describe the sounds as accurately as possible. While some clunks and bangs come from the transmission, others may originate in your car’s suspension system.

    Leaking Fluid

    Leaking transmission fluid is a serious concern for every car owner. You will be able to identify leaking transmission fluid through its bright red color. A red pool of leaking fluid may show up underneath where you typically park your car. By taking the time to address your transmission fluid leak as soon as it becomes an issue, you can avoid serious and irreversible damage to your transmission’s many delicate components. Rather than bringing your car in to your regular mechanic for transmission repair, it is a better idea to schedule services at a specialty shop.

  • Is It Time to Change Your Transmission Fluid?

    If you want to extend the lifespan of your vehicle and avoid major transmission problems, it is important to change your transmission fluid at regular intervals. Rather than attempting to change your transmission fluid at home, you should bring your vehicle in to a transmission shop for this important service. A transmission specialist near Rockville will know precisely what type of transmission fluid to use in your vehicle, and he can also help you set up a transmission fluid change service schedule.

    The frequency of your transmission fluid changes will depend on what type of vehicle you drive. A manual vehicle typically needs fresh transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Automatic transmissions, by comparison, can typically last for up to 100,000 miles before they need a fluid flush. When you work closely with your transmission mechanic, it will be possible to design a maintenance and fluid change schedule that is tailored specifically to your vehicle.

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  • What Not to Do in a Manual Transmission Vehicle

    In order to prevent transmission problems in your manual vehicle, it is a terrific idea to learn a bit about the basics of how manual transmissions work. In this video from Engineering Explained, you will learn the dos and don’ts of operating a manual transmission. To keep excess pressure away from your gear selector fork, you will want to take your hand off of the stick shift as soon as you are done shifting. A transmission shop in Silver Spring can provide you with more transmission maintenance tips.

  • When to Change Gears in Manual Transmissions

    When you drive a car that is equipped with a manual transmission, you will want to make sure that you operate the clutch and gear stick correctly. In this video from World Driving, you will receive some essential tips for changing gears in a manual vehicle. The ideal timing for gear changes will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as your current driving conditions. Operating your manual transmission correctly can help you avoid the need for serious transmission repair near Silver Spring.

    If you have started to notice transmission problems occurring in your manual transmission, it may be time to consider visiting a certified transmission mechanic . When you bring your car to a transmission specialist, you will be able to make sure that its clutch and gears are operating correctly.