FAQs About Automatic Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can seriously affect the performance of your vehicle. However, in order to know when it is time to schedule transmission repair in Silver Spring , you will need to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that are showing up as you drive. A transmission specialist that offers expert transmission services can help you to make sure that your automatic transmission is running smoothly and safely. If you are gathering information prior to an upcoming transmission service appointment, check out these answers to common questions about transmission problems. automatic - transmission

What are some common automatic transmission issues?

There are certain automatic transmission issues that may show up more frequently than other types of problems. Some of the most common automatic transmission problems include shifting issues, low fluid, or overheating. When you start to notice that your automatic transmission is shifting rougher than usual, this is a sign that you need to bring your car in for services right away. Your transmission specialist will have the tools needed to diagnose any problem that may be affecting your car’s transmission.

How do I now when my transmission needs repair?

When your automatic transmission is running properly, it will shift easily and smoothly between its various gears. In order to determine when it is time to set up automatic transmission repair, pay attention to any symptoms that may be arising while you drive. A transmission that clunks, grinds, or overheats is in need of immediate attention by a certified mechanic.

How do I choose a transmission mechanic?

If your transmission is having problems, you will need to find a shop that is equipped to repair your issue correctly. Rather than bringing your car in to a conventional auto shop, consider scheduling services at a dedicated transmission repair facility. A shop that works solely on transmissions will have the parts and equipment needed to repair your car’s transmission to perfection. After your car is serviced by a transmission repair expert, it will be ready for many more miles of driving.

Remember Not to Do These Things in Your Manual Vehicle

When you are operating a vehicle that is equipped with a manual transmission, it is critical to keep some essential driving tips in mind. This video demonstrates the do’s and don’ts of driving a manual transmission . If you tend to rest your hand on the gear shift or keep your foot hovering on the clutch, you may be accidentally causing transmission problems in your car. A shop that offers transmission repair in Bethesda can help to solve any transmission issues that may be affecting your vehicle’s performance.

From rebuilt transmissions to minor repairs, your transmission shop will be equipped to provide you with a complete range of services. If your driving habits have caused transmission problems in your manual vehicle, a team of repair experts will be happy to restore your car’s performance and driving abilities.

Avoid Transmission Replacement with Regular Maintenance

Transmission problems can quickly put a halt to your driving plans. While minor transmission problems can typically be repaired without major services, more critical issues may require a fully rebuilt transmission. Transmission replacements can require significant amounts of time and money. More importantly, having your transmission rebuilt means that you will be without a vehicle for the time that your car is in the shop. Fortunately, your transmission shop in Silver Spring can provide you with routine services that will help you avoid needing a transmission replacement in the first place.

To avoid serious transmission problems, take the time to have your vehicle regularly maintained by a transmission repair expert. During your routine services, your technician will examine the quality and performance of your transmission’s many working components. Additionally, your technician will also be able to suggest the proper timing for your transmission fluid flushes. With routine maintenance appointments, you can keep your transmission running great, without the need for a major replacement service.

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What Brown Fluid Means for Your Transmission

Transmission problems in Bethesda, MD should be taken seriously, as they can quickly lead to many other problems and even shut your car down. If you are having transmission issues, don’t wait to see your mechanic to have them sorted out. Your transmission needs fluid to operate properly, but the fluid also needs to be of a certain quality. Having low or contaminated transmission fluid can also lead to a host of complications, so you should keep up with your fluid changes and keep your vehicle in top shape. Read on to find out what brown fluid means for your transmission.

You need to change your transmission fluid regularly. Clean transmission fluid is a bright red color, so keep that in mind when you look at yours. If your transmission fluid is brown, you might be overdue for a change. Old transmission fluid isn’t as efficient, and it can cause problems with your transmission as a whole. If you have recently changed your transmission fluid but you find that it’s brown, you might have a real problem with your transmission. In this case you should see your transmission specialist as soon as you can to get to the bottom of the issue.

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