Top Ways to Destroy Your Transmission

Transmission problems in Silver Spring, MD don’t happen out of anywhere, and they often spring up due to certain driving habits. You can’t expect your transmission to last if you never go in for a tune up and you abuse your vehicle in the way you drive. If your vehicle overheats, you don’t change your fluids, or you drive erratically, you can’t expect your transmission to last for as long as it normally would. Read ahead and take a closer look at some of the top ways to destroy your transmission.


It’s best to wait until your engine warms up before you get going on a cold winter morning, but too much heat is bad for your vehicle as well. You never want to work your vehicle so hard that it overheats, so think about the way you drive as well as how frequently you service your car or truck. If your transmission runs hot, take your vehicle to the transmission shop and find out what’s going wrong before it burns out.

Don’t Change Your Fluids

One reason we use transmission fluid is to cool down the transmission itself. Clean and fresh fluid helps you avoid transmission problems by lubricating the system and reducing the amount of friction and heat that it creates. By checking your transmission fluid on a regular basis and changing it when you need to, you can avoid a host of transmission problems in the future. Healthy transmission fluid is typically a bright red hue, and it will start to turn darker and brown when it ages or becomes contaminated. Check your transmission fluid and make sure you’re not running on old, dirty fluid if you want to make your transmission last.

Drive Erratically

Your driving style plays an important role in the longevity of your transmission’s life. If you’re the type of driver that races from light to light, you can’t expect your transmission to last as long as it should. Try to ease into your movements rather than accelerating or braking too much too quickly.