• A Look at the Challenges Associated with Transmission Repairs

    Transmission problems are among the most dreaded mechanical issues faced by drivers today. Whether you have a slipping transmission, or your transmission is low on fluid, it is a good idea to bring your car to a dedicated transmission shop in Rockville for your repairs. When you visit your local transmission specialist , your technician will have all of the tools that are needed to repair the complex components that allow your car’s transmission to function. To emphasize the importance of bringing your car to the transmission shop, here is a look at some of the special challenges that are associated with transmission repairs. transmission - repairs

    Advanced Computer Technology

    Modern transmissions are typically composed of advanced computer technology that allows for precise shifting and exact performance dynamics. While computers allow transmissions to operate more efficiently, they can also be more difficult to repair. One of the challenges of transmission repair is diagnosing and fixing any issues that are contained within the transmission’s computer system. Using diagnostic tools, your transmission technician can get your car’s computer back in working order.

    Model Specific Designs

    While transmissions all rely on the same fundamental set of physics in order to set a car in motion, the specific design a transmission varies between every make and model of car. Another roadblock for many transmission repairs is that the mechanic needs to be familiar with that specific car’s transmission system. When you schedule transmission repair, you will want to find a specialist that works with many different models and years.

    Finely Tuned Components

    During transmission repairs, it may be necessary to replace one or more parts within the transmission system. Since no two transmission systems are precisely alike, your mechanic may not have the specific parts for your transmission on hand. However, a specialized transmission repair shop typically carries a wide inventory of parts, which will help to guarantee that the part that you need is readily available.

  • Essential Winter Car Care Tips

    The winter season can be very hard on your car’s internal and external components. To help prevent transmission problems and other maintenance issues during the cold months of winter, it is a fantastic idea to schedule preventative seasonal services. A transmission shop in Silver Spring can identify and repair any transmission issues that could arise when outdoor temperatures drop. Your transmission specialist may also be able to answer any other questions that you have about seasonal car maintenance. To help you prepare for your visit to the transmission shop, here is a look at some essential winter car care tips. car - maintenance

    Check Your Fluids

    Checking your fluid levels is important during every season of the year. In the winter, however, low fluid levels can spell disaster for the various components of your engine and transmission. To practice proper winter car care, you will want to get into the habit of checking your car’s fluid levels at least once every two weeks. When you start to notice unusually low fluids, it may be time to visit the mechanic.

    Inspect Your Tires

    Bald tires can be extremely dangerous when winter weather arrives in your area. To care for your car during the winter months, you will want to carefully inspect your tire tread wear before the first major snow storm arrives. Drivers who live in extremely snowy areas may also want to consider investing in winter tires, which provide better traction over snow, ice, and other wintery road conditions.

    Evaluate Your Battery

    Your car’s battery allows all of its various electrical systems to run properly. Without a properly charged and functioning battery, your car’s transmission and other systems will not be able to function. During the winter months, you will want to evaluate your battery to see whether it shows signs of corrosion or other forms of damage. A certified mechanic or transmission specialist can provide you with many of the services that you need to keep your car running, all winter long.

  • Manual Transmission Work

    Manual transmissions have served drivers and their vehicles for many decades. In this video, you will receive a basic overview of how manual transmissions work. The primary function of a manual transmission is to transfer power from a car’s engine to its wheels. When you start to find that your car is losing power or traction, it may be time to set up transmission repair in Bethesda.

    When you schedule an appointment at your transmission shop, your transmission specialist will be able to determine whether your transmission is delivering the right amount of speed and torque. Transmission experts are familiar with the inner workings of manual transmissions, and they can make sure that all of the mechanisms are functioning properly.

  • Stay Safe with These Winter Driving Tips

    The winter season has arrived, and now is the time to gather as much information as possible about how to drive on snow and ice. In this video, you will take a look at some essential tips for driving in winter conditions. To prevent your car from slipping out on an icy road, you will want to compensate for over steer. Seasonal transmission problems that arise during the winter can be addressed by a transmission shop in Silver Spring.

    Your transmission repair shop will have the equipment that is needed to provide rebuilt transmissions and seasonal services. By taking the time to repair your transmission this winter, you can drive with the confidence that comes from knowing that your car is ready to tackle slippery or snowy terrain.