• Manual Transmission and Fuel Economy

    One of the common misconceptions about manual transmissions is that they are significantly more fuel efficient than automatic transmissions. While there was a time when this was true, manual and automatic transmissions achieve virtually identical fuel economy. More than anything, your fuel economy depends on your driving habits and how well you maintain your vehicle, including your transmission. Watch this video to learn more.

    If you want to get the best fuel economy in your car, make sure you have your manual transmission checked out by an experienced transmission technician in Rockville, MD at the first sign of transmission trouble. Poor transmission performance can rob your car’s gas mileage, and can also end up costing you a lot more in repair or replacement costs the longer you wait to have the problem checked out at your local transmission shop.

  • Choosing the Right Transmission Fluid

    Your local transmission repair shop in Rockville, MD can be of help in a lot of situations, not just when your transmission completely breaks down and needs to be rebuild or replaced. For example, a transmission specialist can help you choose the right fluid for your transmission to keep it running smoothly. Of course this is also one of those transmission maintenance services people like to perform on their own, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you would rather change out your own transmission fluid instead of having a professional do it for you. However, you might still need some help choosing the right transmission fluid for your car. Here are some tips to help you out. transmission - fluid

    Check Your Owner’s Manual

    The best place to start is by consulting the owner’s manual. This is a great source of information for all things related to the maintenance of your car, including transmission maintenance. The owner’ manual will note whether your vehicle requires Dextron or Mercon transmission fluid, or whether there is a make- or model-specific fluid your car requires.

    Compare Synthetic vs. Conventional Fluid

    Once you know which type of transmission fluid your car takes, you will need to decide whether you want to purchase synthetic or conventional fluid. There are pros and cons to each choice. Synthetic fluid, for example, is more durable at higher temperatures and provides better performance than conventional fluid, but it can also be costlier. On some older models, it’s sometimes recommended to stick with conventional fluid since making the switch can actually do more harm and lead to unwanted transmission repair issues.

    Consult with a Transmission Specialist

    If you want to make sure you get the absolute best transmission fluid for your vehicle, consult with an expert at your local transmission maintenance and repair shop. A specialist will provide you with sound advice on which type and brand of transmission fluid is best for your make and model. A transmission specialist will also take into consideration the age and condition of your transmission as well as your budget and performance requirements when making a recommendation.

  • Tips for Maintaining a Manual Transmission

    A manual transmission will provide you with unbeatable control over the performance and power of your vehicle. If you choose to drive a car with a manual transmission, it is essential that you bring your vehicle to the transmission shop at the first sign of manual transmission problems. With transmission repair from a shop that specializes in transmission services near Rockville, MD , you can rest assured that your manual transmission will remain in great condition for all of your driving needs. To help you keep your car in peak driving shape, here is a look at some essential tips for maintaining a manual transmission.


    Use the Clutch Carefully

    When you are driving your manual transmission vehicle, it is very important to use your clutch with the utmost care. For example, while it may be tempting to engage the clutch only part of the way when you are shifting, you should always make sure to press the clutch all the way down to the floor. Fully engaging the clutch will help to prevent shifting problems in the future.

    Avoid Engine Braking

    Engine braking is a driving technique that uses the gears of the transmission to slow the vehicle. In order to preserve the lifespan of your manual transmission, you should be sure to avoid engine braking whenever possible. When you engine brake, you can cause excessive wear and strain on your gears. Instead, you should always use the brake pedal when you need to slow or stop your vehicle.

    Schedule Routine Tune Ups

    Another great way to maintain your manual transmission is to schedule routine tune ups with a transmission specialist in your local area. By bringing your vehicle in for routine transmission maintenance, you can make sure that the clutch and gears are in smooth operating condition. With these simple steps, you can go a long way towards keeping your manual transmission running smoothly for years to come.

  • How to Pick a Transmission Fluid

    Changing your transmission fluid is one of the most crucial steps of transmission repair and maintenance. When you bring your car into the transmission shop to change your transmission fluid, you will have several different types of fluid to choose from. In order to preserve the performance of your transmission, you will want to only use transmission fluid that has been recommended by the manufacturer of your car. A transmission specialist in Bethesda, MD will be able to help you choose the right fluid for your vehicle. After your transmission fluid change has been completed, you will be amazed at the performance and smooth function of your transmission; plus, you will extend the life of your vehicle by a number of miles. For more information about how to pick a transmission fluid, be sure to watch this video.