What Frequent Overheating Can Mean for Your Transmission

As your car accumulates more miles, it may start to experience transmission problems. Overheating is among the most common transmission problems that can be found in high mileage vehicles. When a transmission’s internal components start to wear out, they may grind together and produce significant amounts of heat. A shop that offers rebuilt transmissions in Rockville can help you determine what frequent overheating means for the lifespan of your transmission.

Frequent overheating often means that it is time to replace the transmission completely. Since overheating can cause a transmission’s components to break down more rapidly, it is a good idea to replace these worn out parts with brand new components. Many times, overheating can also be caused by low transmission fluid. Without the right amount of fluid flowing through its system, your transmission may be more susceptible to overheating. To avoid a roadside emergency, you will want to visit your transmission shop at the first sign of an overheating transmission.

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