Common Causes of a Slipping Transmission

A slipping transmission is among the most common transmission problems that are faced by drivers of high mileage vehicles. When you start to notice that your engine revs unexpectedly or your transmission falls out of gear when your car is in motion, you may be dealing with a slipping transmission . Your transmission shop can help you solve your transmission issues in Rockville, and you can trust your transmission specialist to properly diagnose what has caused your transmission to slip. Read on for an overview of the most common causes of a slipping transmission. Full transmission rebuild in Silver Spring, MD

Low Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid provides hydraulic power to the various moving components of your car’s transmission. If your transmission fluid gets too low, your transmission may start to slip or fall out of gear. To address transmission slipping issues that are caused by low fluid levels, you can have your transmission mechanic perform a fluid flush on your car’s transmission. A transmission fluid leak will also need to be addressed before your car is ready to head back out on the road.

Worn Out Transmission Bands

Worn out transmission bands can also cause your transmission to slip. The transmission bands are designed to hold the gears in place as they shift and move. Over time, these flexible bands may get stretched out and worn. If your slipping transmission is accompanied by squealing belt noises, you may be in need of a transmission band replacement. A transmission repair technician will be able to identify and replace the worn out bands in your system.

Malfunctioning Gears

A slipping transmission may also be caused by issues in the transmission’s gears, themselves. Over time, the teeth in your transmission’s gears may start to wear down as a result of excess friction and heat. Without properly functioning gears, your transmission will have trouble remaining in the gear that you have selected. In the event that your transmission repair technician discovers that your gears are completely worn out, you may be in need of a full transmission rebuild.