Transmission Parts: The Torque Converter

Automatic transmission service in Silver Spring, MD

Any automatic transmission service in the D.C. metro area will tell you how important the torque converter is for your automatic vehicle’s transmission. This converter replaces the clutch used in a manual transmission and allows the engine to effectively communicate with the wheels. Keep reading to learn about the torque converter and the role it plays in your automatic vehicle.

The torque converter affects the amount of torque that is transferred from the engine to the wheels at any given time; a functioning torque converter allows you to keep the car still while idling by resting your foot on the brake pedal. When you are stepping on the gas, however, a greater amount of torque is being sent from the engine to the wheels, so stopping the car requires a greater exertion of force on the brake pedal. Transmission issues that stem from the torque converter may affect your fuel economy as well as cause overheating and transmission slipping. These issues can be very problematic and may warrant a visit to the transmission repair shop.

Your vehicle’s torque converter is responsible for transferring the proper amount of torque to the wheels from the engine. Any transmission repairs that are needed should be done at a transmission shop.