Deciding Whether to Rebuild or Replace Your Transmission

When it comes to transmission issues in the D.C. metro area , it is important to consider whether or not a rebuilt transmission would be preferable to a brand new one. There are many components to this transmission issue, including the quality of the transmission, the money you will owe, and the process that it takes to have the job done. Keep reading if you need help in deciding whether to rebuild or replace your transmission.

Rebuild or replace your transmission in Silver Spring, MD

If you are already suffering from transmission problems, you will be looking to reduce the instances of these problems continuing in the future. The better the transmission you end up with, the less likely you are to find yourself back at the transmission repair shop again. When you replace your transmission with a brand new one, you are bolstering your car with the same transmission it had when it was brand new. This means that the new transmission should function efficiently without any problems. On the other hand, a rebuilt transmission can greatly vary in quality based on the transmission repair shop that performs the rebuild. If you are not familiar with the quality of the shop’s work, you may want to play it safe and go with a new transmission.

The major upside to a rebuilt transmission is its significantly cheaper price tag than that of its brand new counterpart. You may end up paying triple the amount for a new transmission as you would for a rebuild. Additionally, rebuilds receive a warranty from the shop, while new transmissions are warrantied by the manufacturer.

Another advantage to having your transmission rebuilt is the quickness with which you can return to driving. A transmission rebuild can usually be completed in about three days, whereas new transmissions may take more than double that time. A rebuild may be appropriate if you are in a hurry to get back on the road.

If you trust your transmission repair shop and are looking for a quicker, cheaper option, you are likely better off with a transmission repair. If you are looking for insurance and quality, go with a transmission replacement.