Your Guide to Automatic Transmission Pans

Your automatic transmission relies on a steady supply of transmission fluid in order to operate smoothly and efficiently. Since many different transmission problems can be caused by low or leaky transmission fluid, it is important to schedule transmission fluid change procedures at regular intervals. During a transmission fluid change at your local transmission shop in Rockville, your technician will typically inspect the condition of your transmission pan. To help you keep your transmission in peak running condition, here is a look at what you need to know about automatic transmission pans. Automatic transmission pans in Silver Spring MD

Role of the Automatic Transmission Pan

Automatic transmission pans play a vital role in the overall function of a car’s transmission system. The primary job of the transmission pan is to house all of the transmission fluid that is needed to power the vehicle. Along with providing storage for transmission fluid, transmission pans are also responsible for protecting the transmission fluid from foreign contaminants and ensuring that the fluid is properly cooled before it is sent through the system.

Capacity of the Automatic Transmission Pan

Your car’s automatic transmission pan is not designed to hold its full capacity of transmission fluid. Instead, the pan will have enough space to contain up to half of a car’s total transmission fluid. The other portion of the transmission fluid should always remain in your transmission system and torque converter. If your transmission pan is completely empty, you may be experiencing a transmission fluid leak.

Problems Associated with the Automatic Transmission Pan

There are a few common transmission repair issues that can be linked to a faulty or improperly maintained transmission pan. If you drive over rough or bumpy terrain, your transmission pan could get knocked or pierced by road debris. In the event that your pan moves out of position, it could cause a significant transmission fluid leak. To fix your transmission pan issues and restore your vehicle to safe driving condition, you should always bring your car to a certified transmission center for repairs.