Troubleshooting for Manual Transmissions

While automatic transmissions have become the standard for most new cars, many drivers still prefer their manual transmission vehicles. In order to avoid common manual transmission problems, it is important to bring your car in to a transmission repair shop in Rockville. A transmission specialist will have the tools and knowledge needed to figure out the precise transmission problems that are affecting the performance of your stick shift. If you are wondering how to keep your manual car on the road, here is a look at some troubleshooting tips for manual transmissions. Manual transmission repair shop in Silver Spring, MD

Slipping Clutch

Many of the most common manual transmission problems originate in the clutch. If you have started to notice that your manual transmission has trouble moving between gears, even if you have fully depressed the clutch pedal, you may be dealing with a slipping clutch. A slipping clutch can also cause the engine to rev as you are attempting to shift between gears. In order to repair a slipping clutch, a full clutch replacement may be necessary.

Sticking Gear Shift

When a manual transmission is functioning properly, its gear shifter should slide effortlessly between gears. If you have started to notice that you really have to yank or push the shifter in order to shift to the appropriate gear, this could indicate that one of the internal components in your clutch has worn out. Problems in the gears themselves can also result in a very sticky gear shift. Once you have had your gears repaired, your stick shift will be returned to normal functioning.

Fluid Leaks

Manual transmissions need regular fluid changes in order to remain in peak operating condition. A transmission fluid leak could cause your transmission parts to wear down quickly and create grinding noises or burning smells. It is possible to diagnose a transmission fluid leak by looking for pools of red fluid in your car’s parking spot. You can also use your transmission’s dipstick to inspect the current level of your transmission fluid. Typically, you will need to change your manual transmission fluid every 45,000 miles.