What is Downshifting?

Info about Downshifting by Superior Transmissions

If you are learning to operate a manual transmission, there are some techniques you need to familiarize yourself with. Upshifting is important for accelerating, but downshifting is equally important for slowing down and preventing your vehicle from stalling. Whenever you let off the gas or apply the brake but do not bring your vehicle to a complete stop, you will need to downshift to match the engine’s RPM and speed.

When learning to drive a stick shift, you will undoubtedly put a lot of wear and tear on your clutch. Fortunately, Superior Transmission is here to keep your manual transmission in tip-top shape. Visit our website to learn why we are the premier transmission maintenance and repair shop in Washington D.C., or call us at (301) 358-6288 to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle.

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