Checking Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid cools and lubricates a vehicle’s transmission. In some cars, it also provides the pressure that is necessary in order for the transmission to change gears. To learn how to check your vehicle’s transmission, watch this brief video clip.

In order to determine whether or not your car has ample transmission fluid, the engine must be turned on. For safety purposes, your vehicle should be idling in park. Aside from ensuring that these two conditions are met, checking your transmission fluid is a matter of reading the transmission dipstick for fluid levels and assessing whether the fluid is dirty.

Refer to your owner’s manual to determine how often you should change out your transmission fluid, but check it more frequently than that so that you can detect leaks should they occur. If you are experiencing transmission problems and do not believe that low transmission fluid levels or dirty fluid are to blame, call Superior Transmissions at (301) 358-6288. We proudly serve the greater Washington, D.C. area, and can service or repair both manual and automatic transmissions.

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