What Causes Hard Shifting?

Hard shifting is among the most common transmission problems that are reported by car owners. When your vehicle has trouble shifting between gears, you should be sure to visit a transmission specialist in Bethesda, and Rockville to receive a diagnosis of your problem. Typically, there are a few common causes for hard shifting in vehicles. Oftentimes, hard shifting can occur when you fail to change transmission fluid at the recommended interval. In the event that your transmission fluid gets low or dirty, your vehicle’s ability to shift could become compromised. Along with low transmission fluid, hard shifting can also be caused by electronic sensor issues. The only way to troubleshoot an electronic sensor problem is to bring your vehicle to a transmission shop that is equipped with computerized diagnostic equipment. With the right diagnostic tools, your transmission specialist will be able to determine whether your car’s computer is sending the wrong codes to your transmission. With the help of your transmission shop, you can get to the bottom of your car’s hard shifting troubles. Causes of Hard Shifting in Silver Spring Md

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