Pay Attention to Potential Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can put a serious halt to your daily driving routine. In the event that you ignore your automatic transmission problems for too long, the longevity and driving ability of your vehicle could significantly suffer. In order to keep your car in peak driving shape, you should be sure to schedule auto transmission repair at the first sign of transmission problems. A transmission shop in Montgomery County, MD will be able to repair any transmission issue that is plaguing your vehicle. To help prevent serious driving problems in the future, here is a look at some potential transmission problems that you should pay attention to. Mechanic Repairing a Car

Slipping Transmission

A slipping transmission is among the most common transmission problems. When you drive your automatic transmission vehicle, your car should smoothly transition between gears. In the event that your transmission begins slipping, you may find that your car jerks, stalls, or makes unusual noises when you step on the gas pedal. Your transmission repair specialist will be able to diagnose the precise cause of your slipping transmission.

Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement is another transmission problem that should be addressed by a repair specialist. When your car experiences delayed transmission engagement, you may find that your vehicle pauses or stalls when you shift between park and drive. You might also feel as though your gas pedal is more sluggish than unusual. Since your vehicle should be fully responsive to your driving cues, delayed engagement should be repaired right away.

Leaking Fluid

Finally, leaking fluid is another significant transmission problem that should be addressed by your mechanic right away. When your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, the safety and performance of your entire drivetrain could become compromised. As you are checking for transmission fluid leaks, you should be on the lookout for a dark red or brownish liquid on the pavement beneath your vehicle. You may also smell a burning odor as you are driving.

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