What Brown Fluid Means for Your Transmission

Transmission problems in Bethesda, MD should be taken seriously, as they can quickly lead to many other problems and even shut your car down. If you are having transmission issues, don’t wait to see your mechanic to have them sorted out. Your transmission needs fluid to operate properly, but the fluid also needs to be of a certain quality. Having low or contaminated transmission fluid can also lead to a host of complications, so you should keep up with your fluid changes and keep your vehicle in top shape. Read on to find out what brown fluid means for your transmission.

You need to change your transmission fluid regularly. Clean transmission fluid is a bright red color, so keep that in mind when you look at yours. If your transmission fluid is brown, you might be overdue for a change. Old transmission fluid isn’t as efficient, and it can cause problems with your transmission as a whole. If you have recently changed your transmission fluid but you find that it’s brown, you might have a real transmission problem. In this case you should contact our transmission specialist as soon as you can to get to the bottom of the issue.

Brown colored transmission fluid is a sign of a real transmission problem