Avoid Transmission Replacement with Regular Maintenance

Transmission problems can quickly put a halt to your driving plans. While minor transmission problems can typically be repaired without major services, more critical issues may require a fully rebuilt transmission. Transmission replacements can require significant amounts of time and money. More importantly, having your transmission rebuilt means that you will be without a vehicle for the time that your car is in the shop. Fortunately, your transmission shop in Silver Spring can provide you with routine services that will help you avoid needing a transmission replacement in the first place.

To avoid serious transmission problems, take the time to have your vehicle regularly maintained by a transmission repair expert. During your routine services, your technician will examine the quality and performance of your transmission’s many working components. Additionally, your technician will also be able to suggest the proper timing for your transmission fluid flushes. With routine maintenance appointments, you can keep your transmission running great, without the need for a major replacement service.

Transmission replacement with regular maintenance in Silver Spring, MD