Transmission Trouble Signs: Dragging Clutch

Dragging Clutch of Vehicles in Silver Spring Md

The good news about failing transmissions is that they are typically very easy to spot. As long as you pay attention to how your car drives (and even sounds) you will be able to catch transmission problems early enough and avoid further damage. One common sign of a problem with the transmission is a dragging clutch. If you drive a stick shift, you will not be able to shift gears because the clutch will still be spinning along with the engine. A grinding noise also accompanies the stuck clutch.

Fortunately, this problem is not that costly to fix. If your clutch is dragging, bring your car to Superior Transmissions. Our expert transmission repair mechanics can have your car back on the road in no time. We provide the D.C. area with high quality transmission maintenance and repair services at affordable prices. Contact us online or call us at (301) 358-6288 to schedule transmission service for your vehicle.

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