Transmission Parts: The Clutch

Transmission Parts in Silver Spring Md Your car is a complicated piece of machinery that relies on the communication between a multitude of different parts. One of these parts, called the clutch, is critical for both manual and automatic transmissions. If you experience issues with your clutch or any other transmission problems, it is important to seek a transmission repair shop near Washington D.C. as soon as possible. Read on if you are interested in learning a little bit about the clutch.

Your engine must constantly spin in order for your car to move, but your wheels must be able to stop so that you can effectively maneuver the vehicle; the clutch allows both of these situations to occur simultaneously. By constantly disengaging and reengaging the transmission with the spinning engine, the clutch allows you to stop at red lights and stop signs and then seamlessly accelerate when appropriate. This system relies on friction, and the materials used in the system can wear down over time. This leads to transmission problems like slipping and stalling. If you are having any problems with your clutch or your transmission it is a good idea to talk to a transmission repair professional as soon as possible.

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