Signs that Your Transmission Needs a Fluid Flush

Taking care of your transmission is important if you want your vehicle to function properly in the long run. Fortunately, your car often notifies you of any transmission problems it may be having in a variety of ways. It is a good idea to seek auto transmission repair near Washington D.C. as soon as you notice any of these indications. Read on for a few signs that your transmission needs a fluid flush. Signs that Your Transmission Needs a Fluid Flush

One sign that you are having transmission issues is the hesitation or reluctance that your vehicle may exhibit before carrying out your commands. You may notice this if you put your car in gear and then experience a stall before the car begins to move. This type of sign typically indicates that your transmission fluid is contaminated and should be diagnosed and treated by a qualified transmission shop. Since your transmission fluid is critical to the proper functioning of your car, it is wise to take care of this issue before additional problems are created .

Rarely will there be a time where strange noises do not indicate a problem with machinery. When it comes to your car, the presence of grinding or grunting noises warrants an immediate inspection of your transmission fluid; without turning the engine off, check the transmission fluid level in your car. If there is an appropriate level of fluid, check its color. Transmission fluid that is brown or black has likely been contaminated with sludge and grime and should be taken to a transmission shop for repairs. The symptom of strange noises coming from your car may also exist if your transmission fluid is clean but lacking in quantity.

Your car needs power and pressure in order to properly stay in the appropriate gear and function in an optimal manner. If you do not have enough transmission fluid or the fluid that you do have is contaminated, your vehicle will have trouble maintaining the proper gear. This can impair your car’s maneuverability and lead to more severe problems with your cars mechanics in the future, so check your transmission fluid if you experience gear slipping.

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