Is Your Clutch on the Way Out?

A slipping or failing clutch is among the most common transmission problems in cars with manual transmissions. If you drive a car with a manual transmission , you should be on the lookout for transmission issues that are originating in your clutch system. There are several transmission problems that may indicate impending clutch failure. First, you may start to notice that your clutch feels strange or spongy when you go to shift gears. When your clutch is in proper working condition, it will be smooth and responsive at all times. You may also notice a burning smell whenever you shift gears in your vehicle. When your clutch is experiencing friction as you shift, this strange odor may arise. Finally, you may also find that your car is very difficult to shift. With the help of a transmission specialist at a transmission shop near Silver Spring, MD, you can restore the performance and safety of your car’s clutch.

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