FAQs About Automatic Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can seriously affect the performance of your vehicle. However, in order to know when it is time to schedule transmission repair in Silver Spring , you will need to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that are showing up as you drive. A transmission specialist that offers expert transmission services can help you to make sure that your automatic transmission is running smoothly and safely. If you are gathering information prior to an upcoming transmission service appointment, check out these answers to common questions about transmission problems. Expert transmission services in Silver Spring, MD

What are some common automatic transmission issues?

There are certain automatic transmission issues that may show up more frequently than other types of problems. Some of the most common automatic transmission problems include shifting issues, low fluid, or overheating. When you start to notice that your automatic transmission is shifting rougher than usual, this is a sign that you need to bring your car in for services right away. Your transmission specialist will have the tools needed to diagnose any problem that may be affecting your car’s transmission.

How do I now when my transmission needs repair?

When your automatic transmission is running properly, it will shift easily and smoothly between its various gears. In order to determine when it is time to set up automatic transmission repair, pay attention to any symptoms that may be arising while you drive. A transmission that clunks, grinds, or overheats is in need of immediate attention by a certified mechanic.

How do I choose a transmission mechanic?

If your transmission is having problems, you will need to find a shop that is equipped to repair your issue correctly. Rather than bringing your car in to a conventional auto shop, consider scheduling services at a dedicated transmission repair facility. A shop that works solely on transmissions will have the parts and equipment needed to repair your car’s transmission to perfection. After your car is serviced by a transmission repair expert, it will be ready for many more miles of driving.