Are You Killing Your Car?

Your car provides you with safe and reliable transportation for all of your daily errands. However, without routine maintenance and correct driving habits, your car could slowly start to lose its efficiency. To avoid transmission problems and other severe mechanical issues, bring your car to a transmission specialist that works in Rockville. By providing your vehicle with regular transmission repair , you can avoid a serious transmission problem that could ultimately make your vehicle unable to drive. Let’s take a look at three habits that could be slowly killing your car. Neglecting your check engine light can cause serious transmission problems

Neglecting Your Check Engine Light

All modern cars are equipped with computerized sensor systems, which send out trouble codes as soon as mechanical or electronic issues are detected. When your car’s computer sends out a trouble code, your check engine light will be illuminated. If you neglect to bring your car in to the mechanic after your check engine light has turned on, you could run the risk of causing serious damage to the internal parts of your vehicle.

Forgetting to Change Your Fluids

Many of the different systems in your vehicle rely on fluids for their operation. If you forget to change your engine oil, transmission fluid, or brake fluid, you are running the risk of causing catastrophic damage to your car. While certain types of fluids, such as motor oil, need to be changed every few months, other fluids, like transmission fluid, should be flushed and replenished about every 100,000 miles.

Failing to Follow Your Car’s Service Schedule

When you purchase a brand new car, your dealer will provide with tips and information about when to schedule key service appointments for your vehicle. Information about key service milestones may also be found in your car’s owner’s manual. If you fail to follow the service schedule that is required for your car, you may be slowly destroying its performance, efficiency, and overall safety. Following the recommended service milestones is a great way to keep your car running for as long as possible.