Deciding Between a Transmission Rebuild or Replacement

Scheduling transmission repair can be a major decision for any driver. Whether your transmission is experiencing minor problems or you are in need of extensive transmission repair , you should always bring your vehicle to a specialized transmission shop in Silver Spring, MD. Your transmission specialist can fully evaluate the problems that are occurring in your transmission and recommend the right transmission services for your vehicle. If your transmission has become severely damaged, your technician may even recommend a transmission replacement. To help you schedule your next transmission repair appointment, here is a look at some factors to consider when you are deciding between a transmission rebuild or replacement.

Transmission Rebuild or Replacements

Type of Damage

When you are deciding between a transmission rebuild or replacement, it is important to consider the type of damage that has occurred to your transmission. If your transmission is experiencing problems in a few minor components, you may be eligible for a rebuild. Severely damage transmissions, however, may need to be fully replaced. Your technician can work with you to help you determine which type of procedure will be best for fixing your transmission.

Age of Transmission

Along with considering the type of damage that has occurred to your transmission, you may also want to evaluate your vehicle’s age. Typically, a transmission is built to last for at least 100,000 miles or longer. If you are driving a very high mileage vehicle, you may need a transmission replacement to get your car back on the road.

Cost of Service

Finally, you may want to factor in the cost of the service when you are deciding on a rebuild or a replacement. Many times, transmission rebuilds can be performed at an overall lower cost to the car owner. By contrast, a full transmission replacement may end up costing you significantly. If you are repairing your car on a budget, you may want to consider talking to your specialist about the possibility of a transmission rebuild.

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