A Look at Transmission Clutches and Bands

Although the automatic transmission is not a new invention by any means, it still remains one of the great marvels of modern engineering. There are a lot of actions that occur inside an automatic transmission that help transform energy into forward or backward vehicle movement. There are also lots of different components that make up the modern automatic transmission, including clutches and bands. As these clutches and bands engage and disengage, different gears are connected and disconnected to convert energy into momentum. There are two bands and four clutches inside an automatic transmission, and a problem with any one of them can translate to drivability and performance issues with your vehicle.

If you recognize any noticeable problems with your transmission , visit a transmission repair shop in Silver Spring, Rockville or North Rockville and let an experienced technician have a look under the hood. Transmission issues can be caused by any number of different problems, including worn clutches and bands. The only way to know for sure is to perform a thorough transmission diagnostic to pinpoint the problem and recommend the best transmission repair service.

Transmission Clutches and Bands

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