Computer Technology in Today’s Transmissions

The transmission is one of the most important components of any car. Over the decades, auto manufacturers have developed new and exciting transmission technologies that have revolutionized the way that we drive. When you experience tr ansmission problems in your new vehicle, you will want to come to a transmission specialist in Silver Spring. A trained transmission mechanic will have the tools and experience needed to diagnose transmission problems in an advanced transmission system. One of the most sophisticated and important parts of a new transmission is its onboard computer. Here is a look at some of the computer technology that is available in today’s transmissions.

Engine Control Unit 

Engine Control Unit

The Engine Control Unit, or ECU, is among the most critical components of a transmission’s computer technology. The ECU is responsible for managing and controlling many of the different parts of a car’s drivetrain. With the ECU, your car’s transmission will receive precise signals when it is time to switch between gears. These computerized signals allow for smoother and more responsive shifting.

Continuously Variable Transmissions

Along with being connected to the ECU, many of today’s transmissions also feature Continuously Variable technology. Unlike a conventional transmission, which contains a set number of gears, continuously variable transmissions are able to create a limitless number of gear ratios. By expanding the number of gears that are available to your vehicle, CVTs can boost performance and efficiency. When you are ready to purchase a new car, you may want to ask whether a CVT is available for your new vehicle.

Diagnosing Computer Problems

When your transmission is experiencing problems, you will want to bring your car to a transmission repair shop right away. A team of technicians at a specialized transmission repair center will have the tools and knowledge needed to determine whether you are having a problem in your transmission’s computer. If a computer issue is to blame, your transmission specialist will be able to reboot the computer and restore the function of your vehicle.

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