Answering Common Questions About Transmission Repair

The transmission is among the most complex and mysterious systems in any vehicle. When your car starts to develop transmission problems, you may have a difficult time identifying the source of the issue on your own. A transmission specialist that offers transmission repair in Bethesda can provide you with detailed information about how your transmission works and why it is broken. Bringing your car to a team of transmission experts will help you ensure that your repairs are performed correctly. To help you gather information for your upcoming appointment, here are answers to some common questions about transmission repair. Professional transmission repair service in Silver Spring, MD

How Can I Avoid Transmission Problems?

One of the most common questions about transmission repair is how to avoid transmission problems in the first place. While daily driving will place natural wear and tear on your car’s transmission, there are steps that you can take to avoid a transmission repair emergency. For example, you can eliminate excess strain on your transmission by avoiding extreme driving conditions whenever possible.

Should I Repair or Rebuild My Transmission?

After your transmission specialist has completed a diagnostic analysis of your car’s transmission, he may recommend that you repair or rebuild your system. While minor transmission problems may be eligible for repair services, a major issue could require that you have your system completely rebuilt. As a general rule, transmissions that have more than 150,000 miles are typically rebuilt, rather than repaired. After your rebuild, your car should drive like a brand new vehicle.

Why Are Professional Transmission Repairs Important?

If you are handy with automotive repairs and tools, you may be considering tackling your transmission repairs on your own. However, transmission repair is a service that should not be performed by an amateur. With services from a trained technician, you can avoid damage to the highly sophisticated electronics and other components that make up your car’s transmission system.