What Does a Slipping Transmission Feel Like?

In order to catch transmission problems before they become serious, it is important to be aware of any unusual sensations that may be coming from your transmission system. One of the most common transmission problems that you may encounter while driving is a slipping transmission. When your transmission slips, you will need to visit a transmission specialist for immediate auto transmission repair in Rockville. To help you identify a slipping transmission, it is important to know which symptoms to be on the lookout for.

A slipping transmission may occur when you are accelerating from a stop, or as you are increasing your existing speed of travel. When your transmission slips, you may feel that your gas pedal responds more sluggishly than normal. Your odometer may also show that your car has unusually high RPMs when your transmission slips. Finally, you may also feel that your car suddenly loses acceleration power as you are driving down the road.

Slipping Transmission in Silver Spring Md

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