Understanding a Delayed Engagement

Although transmission failure can sometimes occur suddenly and without warning, in most cases there are lots of subtle signs that precede the event. One such sign of impending transmission trouble is a delayed engagement, in which there is a delay between when you shift into drive or reverse and when the vehicle actually gets out of neutral and into gear. This often occurs when the internal seals on the clutches and bands wear down or become hard from infrequent fluid replacement. Although delayed engagement can be an inconvenience at first, ignoring the problem can result in bigger transmission issues later on.

If you’re experiencing any sort of transmission slippage or delayed gear engagement, visit a transmission repair shop serving Silver Spring, MD and the surrounding areas to have the problem diagnosed. There could be any number of problems causing delayed engagement or other drivability issues, so let a transmission repair specialist have a look so you can get back on the road without any drivability or performance issues. Understanding a Delayed Engagement by Superior Transmission

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