These Signs Mean Your Transmission Needs Repairs

A working transmission is vital for any vehicle. While you can expect your transmission to remain in good shape for thousands of miles down the road, there may come a time when you need to bring your car in to the transmission shop for service. By paying attention to the signs of transmission problems, you will know when you need to visit your transmission specialist in Silver Spring for a transmission tune up. Let’s review three sure signs that your transmission needs attention from a qualified mechanic. Transmission repair specialist in Silver Spring, MD

Random Gear Changes

When an automatic transmission is functioning properly, it will move smoothly through its entire range of gears. A sign of transmission problems is when your transmission seems to randomly slip in and out of gear, especially when you are travelling at a steady speed. Your transmission repair professional will be able to adjust your transmission’s gears and fix any other repair problems that may be causing it to shift.

Thudding Sensations

If your transmission needs significant repairs, it may start to make a thudding sound as it shifts between gears. This sound is the result of your vehicle’s gears failing to engage smoothly or responsively. While these thudding sensations can be irritating, they may also be a sign of a significant repair problem in your vehicle. After you have had your vehicle serviced by a qualified transmission mechanic, your car should drive smoothly and soundlessly.

Failure to Engage

A properly functioning transmission will shift into gear right away after you move your stick shift from the park to the drive position. One sure indicator that your transmission is in need of repairs is when it fails to engage after you have shifted your vehicle out of park. If it takes a few seconds for your transmission to shift into gear, you may have a mechanical or electrical problem on your hands. With computer diagnostic technology, your transmission repair technician can easily identify what is going wrong with your transmission.