The Benefits of Manual Transmissions

Benefits of Manual Transmissions in Silver Spring Md

Automatic and continuously variable transmissions are by far the norm among new cars, but 6.5% of cars in the United States are still sold with manual transmissions. That’s because drivers still know that manual transmissions come with a slew of benefits. Whether you are interested in learning how to drive a stick shift or deciding between a new car with a manual or automatic transmission, the following article on the benefits of manual transmissions should prove useful.

Easier to Maintain
Despite what you might think based on how they operate, manual transmissions tend to be much less complex than automatics. This means that fewer things go wrong in the first place, and that transmission repairs tend to be cheaper. On a manual transmission, the stick shift is the only repair item frequently seen, and that component usually doesn’t require changing for thousands of miles under ideal conditions.

Better Fuel Economy
Speaking of saving money, fuel economy is usually much better in cars with a stick shift. Power losses from the torque converter and hydraulic pump can rob an automatic-equipped car a small percentage of its fuel efficiency. That means that under some conditions, drivers can experience as much as 15 percent better fuel economy with manual transmissions.

Better Sense of Control
Last but not least, stick shifts are simply more fun to drive. Because the driver is charged with shifting the gears himself, driving a stick shift is more of an active experience compared to the passive experience of driving a car equipped with an automatic.

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