Recognizing the Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

Did you know that low transmission fluid can be a surefire recipe for transmission problems ? To help protect your vehicle from damage and yourself from needing transmission repair in Rockville, MD, read on to learn some of the symptoms of low transmission fluid. A low transmission fluid invites several transmission problems

The Gears Won’t Shift

When there isn’t enough clean transmission fluid in your transmission, this can make changing gears difficult or even impossible. Also, it’s not uncommon for a transmission that is low on transmission fluid to not engage and seem to be stuck in neutral. If you’re dealing with this problem, then don’t delay and have this transmission problem checked as soon as possible.

The Transmission Slips

On the other hand, if the vehicle does make a gear change but then transitions out of that gear without any help from you, then you may be dealing with transmission slipping. This issue can be a sign of low transmission fluid and should be addressed right away to help prevent damage.

The Gears Shift Too Slowly

Do you find that a few seconds pass between the time you shift gears and when the vehicle does? If so, then low transmission fluid may be to blame, as a lack of fluid pressure can cause a delay in gear change.

The Gears Shift Too Quickly

Conversely, if your car is shifting gears in what feels like a sudden manner, then this may also mean that the transmission fluid is too low. Because gear change in automatic transmissions relies on proper fluid pressure, low transmission fluid can result in gear changes that are abrupt instead of smooth.

The Transmission Is Hot

One purpose of transmission fluid is to help keep the transmission cool. When there is too little transmission fluid, this can lead to friction that causes the transmission to overheat when in use. If your vehicle has a temperature gauge for its transmission and indicates that the transmission is running hot, then it’s a good idea to get your transmission fluid levels checked.