Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Extend the Life of Your Transmission

Transmission problems can dramatically affect the drivability of your vehicle. When your car starts to experience severe transmission problems , it may start to slip out of gear or produce strange sound and aromas while you drive. With help from a transmission specialist near Bethesda, you can prevent the need for a transmission replacement for as long as possible. Your transmission mechanic can fix problems as they occur, and can also provide you with preventative maintenance services for your transmission. Read on for a look at some mistakes that you should avoid if you want to extend the life of your transmission. Transmission repair Silver Spring, MD

Neglecting to Check Your Transmission Fluid

A common transmission maintenance mistake for many drivers is to neglect regular transmission fluid inspections. Transmission fluid, much like motor oil, is important for cooling, lubricating, and cleaning the various components that are located within your car’s transmission. Every month, you can use the transmission dipstick to make sure that your transmission fluid is at the proper level, and is not getting too dirty.

Forgetting Transmission Maintenance Appointments

Your transmission needs the same level of care and maintenance as the other components in your vehicle. In order to ensure that your transmission has the longest lifespan possible, you will need to have it serviced around every 30,000 miles. During your 30,000-mile service appointment, your mechanic will replace your transmission fluid and filter, inspect your vehicle’s transmission components, and check to make sure that your computer is not sending out any transmission trouble codes.

Driving Under Strenuous Conditions

If you want to go above and beyond to make sure that your transmission has the longest possible life, it is important to evaluate your typical driving conditions. Driving over very hilly terrain, hauling heavy loads, or sitting in stop and go traffic can all cause your transmission to wear out prematurely. By changing your driving habits, you may be able to help your transmission to last for even more miles down the road.