Examining the Most Common Causes of Automatic Transmission Problems

Causes of Automatic Transmission Problems Automatic transmissions offer fantastic convenience for the driver. If you drive a car with an automatic transmission, it is highly important to keep your transmission system in good repair. By learning about the most common causes of automatic transmission problems, you will be able to schedule transmission service before serious damage has occurred. A transmission specialist at an auto transmission repair in the D.C. Metro Area can help you keep your car’s automatic transmission in peak working shape. Whether you need a minor repair or a full transmission replacement, your transmission shop will provide you with quality services. Read on for more information about the common causes of automatic transmission problems.

Low Fluid

Low fluid is a common culprit for transmission problems . If your automatic transmission is suffering from a fluid leak, this repair issue could cause serious damage to your entire system. Transmission fluid leaks can be caused by loose seals or damaged gaskets. When your fluid is leaking, you may notice bright red liquid pooling up underneath your car.

Worn Torque Converter

Your torque converter is designed to allow the gears of your transmission to spin when your vehicle comes to a stop. Oftentimes, a worn torque converter is the source of automatic transmission problems. When your torque converter is having issues, you may hear strange grinding sounds when you are driving your vehicle. Your transmission repair technician will be able to repair or replace this essential transmission component.

Damaged Solenoid

The solenoid is responsible for pumping automatic transmission fluid all around your system. Occasionally, low fluid levels or electronic issues can cause damage to your solenoid. When your solenoid becomes damaged, your system will not receive the right amount of fluid. This can cause slipping gears or slow shifting. At the first sign of any problems with your automatic transmission, you should be sure to set up an appointment with your transmission shop.

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