Comparing Manual and Automatic Transmissions

When you are shopping for a new car, you may have the option of selecting a vehicle that is equipped with a manual or an automatic transmission. While manual transmissions were the standard for decades, automatic transmissions are now very popular for many drivers. No matter what type of transmission you use, you may eventually encounter transmission problems in your vehicle. For help solving your transmission problems, be sure to visit a transmission specialist that offers auto transmission repair in Rockville. To help you determine which type of transmission will be best for your lifestyle, here is a quick comparison of manual and automatic transmissions. Comparing Manual & Automatic Transmissions

Initial Costs

Manual and automatic differ in their initial costs. As you are comparing models at the car dealership, you may find that manual transmission vehicles are more affordable than their automatic counterparts. Typically, a standard transmission vehicle will cost up to a thousand dollars less than a car that is equipped with an automatic transmission. If you are shopping for a budget-friendly vehicle, you may want to purchase a stick shift car.

Maintenance Requirements

The maintenance requirements of manual and automatic transmissions are very different. When you drive an automatic transmission vehicle, you can rest assured that your car will last for tens of thousands of miles before it needs a major transmission repair service. However, automatic transmissions require regular fluid flushes, whereas manual transmissions do not. A manual transmission may need to be adjusted by a technician at regular intervals in order to remain in good operating condition.

Ease of Operation

Many drivers choose automatic transmissions due to their ease of operation. When you drive a car that has an automatic transmission, you will not need to worry about operating a stick shift or engaging a clutch pedal. If you love to drive, however, you may appreciate the deeper level of control that is offered by a manual transmission. Some drivers like the close connection that manual transmissions provide them to their vehicles.

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