Answers to Your Questions About Transmission Replacement

Are you wondering if you need transmission replacement in Rockville, MD after facing one transmission problem after another? If so, then keep reading to learn the answers to some common questions about this option. Transmission replacement in Silver Spring, MD

Should I rebuild or replace my transmission?

It’s important to realize that rebuilt engines are not equivalent to brand-new ones. If you’re thinking about going with a rebuilt engine for your vehicle, then consider consulting a mechanic who is experienced with transmission repair before proceeding.

Should I repair or replace my transmission?

To learn the answer to this question, start by getting quotes for both options. If the cost of repair is more than half of the cost of replacement, then it’s time for you to consider getting a new transmission.

Is transmission replacement a better option?

If you’re still unsure if transmission repair or replacement is the right choice for your vehicle, then think about your goals. Replacing your transmission may help you get back on the road sooner and is a better long-term solution than repair. Repair can be more affordable, but you may end up paying more later if your transmission continues to run into problems.

Will transmission replacement fix overheating?

If your car is suffering from frequent overheating, then the cause of this may be an old transmission. Newer transmissions tend to run cooler than old ones, so replacing yours may offer you a solution to overheating.

My new transmission fluid is brown. What’s wrong?

Although you can’t pinpoint the problem from the color of the fluid alone, you can be sure that if your transmission fluid is brown despite being replaced recently, then something is probably wrong with your transmission and replacement may be a good idea.

Where should I go to get a new transmission?

The ideal place to take your vehicle for transmission replacement is a shop that specializes in transmission work. There can be challenges associated with transmission repair and replacement—such as variances between transmission models, the availability of unique parts, and the computer technology that some newer transmissions have—that general mechanics aren’t equipped to handle.