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If you hear the words “transmission replacement,” it may give you a sense of anxiety.

That is probably because transmissions are known for being expensive parts to replace. There are a few different reasons why our Team at Superior Transmissions may suggest a transmission replacement instead of repair. Removing an existing transmission and completely disassembling and reassembling it can take a lot longer than a prebuilt replacement. This will get you driving again much sooner.

few advantages of transmission replacement include:

  • Ability to get back on the road quickly: In many cases, transmission replacements are easier to perform and take less time than transmission repairs. This will allow you get back on the road quicker and return to your routine in no time.
  • New transmissions may be better quality: When faced with a repaired older transmission or a brand-new transmission, the newer transmission is often the better choice. This is because new transmissions often outperform older models. Plus, they’re in better condition, which means they’ll likely have longer lifespans.
  • Lasts longer than repairs: Sometimes, even the best transmission repairs are just temporary fixes for an outdated or faulty transmission that’s bound to fail. With a new transmission, you get the peace of mind that your vehicle’s brand-new transmission is built to last.
  • Includes a three-year OR 100,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first). A rebuilt transmission comes with a one year warranty.

Signs you may need a transmission replacement

Transmission problems of all kinds can indicate that transmission work is needed for your vehicle. Here a few that point to transmission replacement:

  • A brownish fluid leak from the bottom of your vehicle
  • Routine vehicle overheating
  • Frequent repairs to your existing transmission

Your trusted transmission replacement Team

At Superior Transmissions, we realize that there are many things to consider with transmission replacement. It is a very delicate process which can be quite expensive, and our fully trained technicians are experienced in these types of replacements. Call now at (301) 960-2254 to discuss your transmission replacement!

Schedule your transmission replacement at (301) 960-2254 today!

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