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Blog Posts in 2015

Signs and Sounds of Transmission Problems

Transmission problems in Washington DC should be taken care of as soon as possible so they do not get worse and cause additional damage to the vehicle. Fortunately, manual and automatic transmission ...
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How an Automatic Transmission Works

Modern cars and trucks are complex machines, and an automatic transmission may be one of the most intricate components. That’s why it’s important to seek the help of a transmission ...
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What Sets Superior Transmissions Apart

When you realize something is wrong with your vehicle’s transmission, you will want to bring it into a shop that specializes in transmission repair in Washington DC. Superior Transmissions is ...
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Keeping Your Clutch in Good Shape

The efficient functioning of your car relies on a network of mechanical and electrical components working together, at the heart of which is the transmission. While transmission problems in Washington ...
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When to Replace Your Transmission

Everyone will experience transmission issues at some point or another—the real dilemma is deciding whether to have your transmission repaired or replaced. Every time your transmission shifts ...
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What Causes a Transmission to Slip?

Transmission slippage is a common problem for both automatic and manual transmissions. Unfortunately, your slipping transmission could be caused by one of many different factors, ranging from low ...
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Common Signs of a Transmission Problem

When your transmission starts to develop a problem, you need to act fast to avoid making the problem worse. The good news is that most transmission problems are easy to spot early on. The most obvious ...
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The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Of all the fluids inside your vehicle, transmission fluid is one of the most important. Driving with low or dirty transmission fluid can cause excessive wear and tear that ultimately leads to ...
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Spotting Problems with an Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions may be easier to maintain and repair than manual transmissions, but that doesn't mean they aren't without their own unique set of problems and challenges. Fortunately, ...
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Your Options for Transmission Repair

If you suspect something is wrong with your transmission, the worst thing you can do is wait. The longer you put off visiting a transmission repair shop in Washington DC, the worse the problem will ...
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Should You Replace Transmission Fluid?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding transmission maintenance. In reality, it's not a matter of if you should replace your transmission fluid, but when. Over time ...
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Tips for Caring for Your Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission helped revolutionize the automotive industry in the mid-twentieth century. Not only are automatic transmissions much more comfortable and much easier to operate than ...
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