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Blog Posts in 2014

Determining When a Car Needs a New Transmission

Your transmission is an integral part of the functioning of your vehicle, so it should be maintained with great care. If you notice any signs of transmission problems in the Washington D.C. area, it ...
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Signs that Your Transmission Needs a Fluid Flush

Taking care of your transmission is important if you want your vehicle to function properly in the long run. Fortunately, your car often notifies you of any transmission problems it may be having in a ...
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Transmission Parts: The Clutch

Your car is a complicated piece of machinery that relies on the communication between a multitude of different parts. One of these parts, called the clutch, is critical for both manual and automatic ...
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What Are the Signs That Your Transmission Needs Repair?

If you are experiencing transmission problems in the Washington D.C. area, it is important to get your vehicle to a transmission repair shop as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage. The ...
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The Steps of Preserving Your Transmission

If you would like to avoid frequent transmission problems in the D.C. metro area, it is important to provide the proper transmission tune ups on a regular basis. Make sure that your vehicle has the ...
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Transmission Parts: The Torque Converter

Any automatic transmission service in the D.C. metro area will tell you how important the torque converter is for your automatic vehicle’s transmission. This converter replaces the clutch used ...
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Deciding Whether to Rebuild or Replace Your Transmission

When it comes to transmission issues in the D.C. metro area, it is important to consider whether or not a rebuilt transmission would be preferable to a brand new one. There are many components to this ...
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How to Diagnose a Slipping Transmission

Vehicles are complicated pieces of machinery, so it helps to understand what you are dealing with if you have transmission issues. Recognizing transmission problems can help you determine when you ...
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Understanding the Price of Transmission Repairs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your car is a complex machine, made up of many moving parts that all need to work together in order to get you where you need to go. A typical transmission alone can have hundreds—if not more ...
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Reasons to Choose Superior Transmissions

If your vehicle is experiencing transmission problems, it is highly important to trust your repairs to a qualified and reputable transmission shop. At Superior Transmissions, we provide the D.C. Metro ...
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Signs That Your Transmission is Low on Fluid

When your transmission fluid is low, a number of transmission problems can arise. Your transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating, powering, and cooling your transmission. Without enough ...
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Examining the Most Common Causes of Automatic Transmission Problems

Automatic transmissions offer fantastic convenience for the driver. If you drive a car with an automatic transmission, it is highly important to keep your transmission system in good repair. By ...
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A Look at the Signs of Transmission Trouble

Your car's transmission is one of its most important internal systems. While your transmission has been built to last for many miles down the road, chances are that your vehicle will eventually ...
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What is Downshifting?

If you are learning to operate a manual transmission, there are some techniques you need to familiarize yourself with. Upshifting is important for accelerating, but downshifting is equally important ...
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Checking Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid cools and lubricates a vehicle’s transmission. In some cars, it also provides the pressure that is necessary in order for the transmission to change gears. To learn how to ...
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Understanding How Manual Transmissions Work

The assemblage of parts that enables a car to change gears and transmit power from the engine to a live wheel axle, the transmission is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. While all ...
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How Often Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid?

The life of a new transmission fluid is dependent on operating temperatures, which are dependent on your vehicle, its state of repair, and how you drive it. If you have an older car, chances are that ...
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The Benefits of Manual Transmissions

Automatic and continuously variable transmissions are by far the norm among new cars, but 6.5% of cars in the United States are still sold with manual transmissions. That’s because drivers still ...
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How Long Do Transmissions Last?

Automatic and manual transmissions are incredibly well built, but they don’t last forever. With proper transmission maintenance and repair, your transmission will last longer than those that are ...
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Locating Your Transmission Dipstick

Just as motor oil is crucial to the engine, transmission fluid is vital to the performance and longevity of your car’s transmission. To monitor fluid level inside your transmission, you will ...
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Transmission Trouble Signs: Dragging Clutch

The good news about failing transmissions is that they are typically very easy to spot. As long as you pay attention to how your car drives (and even sounds) you will be able to catch transmission ...
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Great Cars that Still Offer Manual Transmissions

Up until the most recent decades, many automotive manufacturers offered cars that were equipped with either manual transmissions or automatic transmissions. With their ease of operation, automatic ...
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Identifying Signs of a Slipping Transmission

There are several signs and symptoms of a slipping transmission. When your automatic transmission is slipping, this transmission problem could be caused by loose bands or low transmission fluid. You ...
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